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Bente Sollid Storehaug, Chief Digital Officer at Dinamo. Serial Internet entrepreneur. Experienced CEO, consultant and non-executive director. Bente has held nearly 40 boards since 1994. Well known as speaker, mentor and advisor for leaders within start-up companies. Currently, Dot GLOBAL AS ( and Cloudnames are her main investments. She is chair of Dot GLOBAL and member of board at Polaris Media ASA (One of Norways largest media groups).

She is the youngest member of the Norwegian Editor Association (in 1987, 19 years old). In 1993 she co-founded Digital Hverdag AS, a company with rapid growth, acquisitions and mergers. She was CEO both in Digital Hverdag AS, New Media Science ASA and Cell Network ASA. Cell Network was listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange (Mcap 9 billion SEK). Today, renamed Bouvet ASA. She founded her own investment-company in 2001. Today she holds directorships in both start-ups and listed companies.

Jan Sollid Storehaug, CEO Cloudnames AS. He has started and headed Several IT-related businesses. Storehaug was the CEO and founder of the fastest growing company in Norway in the 80’s, UNIC-Group – which introduced well-known brands such as Acer and Samsung to the Scandinavian market. In 1995 he was the co-founder and president of RiksNett which was acquired by Telia and renamed Telia Internet. Since then, Storehaug has co-founded and chaired Digital Hverdag, (later Cell Networks/Bouvet) and Active24, a pan European web hosting company. Trough his own investment company Digitalt AS Storehaug has founded or co- founded many companies in Norway in the last 20 years. Jan Sollid Storehaug is currently a co-founder of Dot GLOBAL AS, the only Norwegian commercial registry of a leading new Top Level Domain .GLOBAL.

Founder, Strategist and inventor. Technology visionary with a strong commercial sense. He has raised more than 100 million USD to the businesses he founded.

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